sabato 20 novembre 2010

Bed & Breakfast Torre Vecchia

"Torre Vecchia” is a single building which used to belong to the medieval Castle of Cortine and, after careful and delicate renovation work it has been transformed into a “Bed and Breakfast” complex with bedrooms tastefully furnished with careful attention to its historical origins and style. As soon as you arrive at its entrance you will be struck by its welcoming and refined dècor. From here you come to the large “communal hall” whose spirits are raised in winter by the flames of this fine secular fire. In the dining room you may enjoy Tuscan bread and honey for breakfast and, on special occasions, elegant private dinners. Our bed & breakfast is the ideal place for your holiday in Chianti or for just a relaxing weekend in the Tuscan countryside.

For information and reservations Tel +39 0558072219
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