mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

The mistery of Gioconda: some symbols are in her eyes

Give me your eyes, seems to tell the charming lady whose identity after more than five hundred years, waiting to be revealed. And some succeeded. The historic Vinceti Silvano, president of the 'National Committee for the development of historical, cultural and environmental', announced the discovery on one of the most mysterious paintings of Leonardo: the Mona Lisa's eyes there would be symbols. How? 'It took was a magnifying glass to know it was true, "says the president Vincenti.
After the recent and discussed recovery and study of the remains of Caravaggio, the Committee has undertaken to explore the famous painting, also known as Mona Lisa, on which so much has been speculated on the date of execution and the identity of the model. Now, according Vinceti on the painting in the Louvre will open a new page. In the back of the picture, the bottom left corner of the board of poplar according to the scholar reads the number 149: This is proof that the work was carried out between 1490 and 1499. But the real discovery, quite by chance, is another: in the eyes of Mona Lisa Leonardo had hidden two symbols.
 Through thorough investigation commissioned by the Committee to a specialized laboratory, have emerged within the framework, "unequivocally recognizable symbols and can not in any way be attributed to errors by the painter." Magnification in hand, would be present around the eyes of the Mona Lisa, "a symbol that looks like a 72 right below the first arch of the bridge as a backdrop to the portrait." And in the eyes of the model, "two letters seem to be an L and V, perhaps the initials of Leonardo in the right eye (left if you look at the picture). And two letters together, maybe 'EC' or maybe a 'B' in the left eye of the model "(right, looking at the canvas).
Now, adds Vincent, "we are studying numbers and symbols that were used at the time also in a hermetic and esoteric We know that Leonardo practiced this type of practice hypothesis that these symbols have a special meaning for him, it seems quite likely."
To notice the hidden part of the genius of the Renaissance is Luigi Borgia, one of the members of the Committee for the passion that the scientist studying everything about him. And then buy in a market of old books, a text of 1960 where the French author mentions a few details of the eyes of the Mona Lisa. He then began to research more and more sophisticated until you find 'something' "that is still studied and thorough - Borgia says - even if the idea we are done." The question immediately triggers the curiosity of the historian Vinceti flying to the Louvre museum in Paris, where the famous painting is kept, and despite the reluctance of the French unable to verify, investigate, "it took was a magnifying glass to know it was true "says the president, anticipating the release of a book about, 'The secret of the Mona Lisa's eyes'. Doubts and criticisms do not shake "the images speak for themselves, however, carefully taken from published photos from the Louvre museum - says Vincent - Now everyone can change their minds."
But meanwhile, check another scholar and artist, Luciano Buso, claiming, with much of deed, the primacy of discovery and announces the forthcoming publication of a book on 'signatures and dates hidden in paintings by Leonardo da Vinci at the time our '. Vittorio Sgarbi also spoke: "Absolute nonsense," says Ferrara merciless critic. The search continues and discovery, with new clarifications on the identity of the Mona Lisa, will be shown on the day. "For me it is absolute groundless - repeats an incredulous Sgarbi - indeed, are forms of vampirism: These people attach themselves to an author only important to be talked about."

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