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Cortine and its neighborhood

On an isolated knoll (334 m) opposite to the town of Barberino, with a wide view on the Val d'Elsa and the narrow valley of the Drove, lies the picturesque castle Tignano. It is perhaps the finest example of a walled center of Val d'Elsa. Very impressiv is its circular structure in the central square. The castle is accessed via a steep ramp that leads to the Porta Fiorentina, a defense of which rises a squat square mass, the castle keep. Tower House Tignano Alto was originally inserted in the circuit of the village walls. Church of San Romolo: the building, originally in Romanesque style with a rectangular plan, had a major renovation in early '900. Oratorio Sant'Anna is a sixteenth place in the center of Tignano's castle. The interior is rectangular and has a wooden ceiling trusses. Tabernacle Tignano is place on the road from Tignano to Uliveto  and has niche in the wall upwards,  and is well accepted in the surrounding landscapes.

The small village of Olena is located on the edge of the big woods of Chianti, a small group of houses in the center with the church in a rural dimension, in an old but very beautiful landscape. The surrounding countryside is particularly beautiful because of the presence of forests and hills covered with vineyards. St. George is an old building block, designed to give assistance to the pilgrims and poor wayfarers .

Monsanto is situated on the ridge between the creek and gully Cepperello Drove in a panoramic position. Land border between Siena and Florence, is surrounded by woods made entirely of cypress. The building of Palazzo al Pino is an elegant architecture, presents the structural elements related to the XVII - XIX. Castle of the ancient fortress Paneretta was born in the fifteenth century. The square structure, the formwork and the three corner towers are still part of the original building.
Taken from "City of Barberino Val d'Elsa-routes"

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