giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

Viareggio, experience the magic of Italy's most famous Carnival

Christmas holidays have finished but not in Tuscany, with the return of the Carnival, the creziest period of the whole year. And what better way to celebrate it if not in Viareggio, in the city's costume party fun and more famous in Italy.
Born in 1873 in Versilia, it still attracts each year thousands of tourists kidnapped by the charm of the wagons of cardboard, molded with typical allegorical and satirical portraits of celebrities of the previous year. In 2011 the event will be every Sunday from February 20 to March 13 and Shrove Tuesday (March 8), where these giants will parade on the "walk" in the evocative setting of the sea and the rhythm of music. A day to live in different from the usual form. After the show just go to Viareggio in neighborhoods continue to have fun under the moon, in fact, every weekend from Friday to Sunday evening every district will become the star of a big party in the open. The masked balls moving in the streets closed to traffic until late at night with outdoor restaurants offering specialties Viareggio. The local parties are the authenticity of the Carnival: starting the first week with the District Torre del Lago, the second is the time of Marco Polo District, the Third District touches the dock and put the icing Rione Croce Verde.
But to better understand the history of the Carnival of Viareggio just pay a visit to the Citadel of the Carnival, the new complex where you will find the garage of the wagons and the Museum of Carnival, where you can take a guided tour to discover the secrets of the techniques manufacture of paper pulp. By booking you will not miss the chance to attend workshops, aimed at schools but also to anyone who wants to touch this tradition.

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