martedì 18 gennaio 2011

In Tuscany, along the roads of wine, oil and flavors

Routes to explore the slow food

Tuscany is known worldwide for its extraordinary blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage consists of an infinite amount of artistic expressions ranging from Etruscan artifacts at the forefront of 900, through the Renaissance and the Baroque. It is by meeting these wonderful works with nature and the work of many men who founded the Tuscan landscape that all the world admires.
But Tuscany is made of many landscapes, many realities unknown to the general public and also outside the traditional tourist circuit. E 'land of mountains, hills, forests, but also of sea, islands, parks, protected areas and then cellars, olive presses and even castles, churches, history, traditions and much more that we have the duty and the need to know who comes to visit.
A road sign, an information point, a tasting center, exhibition space, as a sign that you are in the heart of one of the many areas of quality production in Tuscany. These are the roads of wine, oil and tastes of Tuscany.
They are an effective way to promote our region and its agricultural produce of the highest quality. At the same time also an opportunity for our farmers, to bring the fruits of their work in the best way: by presenting them in context, with the added value of direct meeting with the company.
This guide contains the information to construct routes that have references to environmental, historical and cultural significance of singular. It is therefore a useful tool for tourists but also an incentive to the knowledge and appreciation of what exists, a push to build new alternative routes based on the indissoluble link between territory and product excellence. Finally, it is a starting point and touch: contains the basic philosophy but also practical information to create an experience that will involve the public more and more people, who want to meet our region by bringing together his art and its landscape, its culture and its agricultural production.
Living a unique experience of contact and meet with our land and people who work in a network of routes from all food and drink

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