mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Season sales: tips for shopping Made in Tuscany

Routes between studios, workshops and typical products by Jennifer Mallegni

Tuscany is a great wealth of beauty, art the most beautiful places to Made in Italy. Creativity, know-how and excellent materials, which have their roots in the long tradition of arts and crafts renaissance and proven ability to invent the "beautiful". The world of shopping, there is thus waiting for excellence in fashion, crafts and local products.

From shopping excursions to tours of farms, from tastings to visitors in the studios, you know the real shopping page. in the Tuscany region. Walking in the streets or even in the most beautiful small streets you'll notice the dense presence of shops and workshops where the quality, limited edition, attention to detail, choice of materials and creativity are the characteristics that make these products and prestigious envied around the world. A wealth of history that should be retained and it may therefore be more hands-on
Tuscany has always been chosen by celebrities for their holidays. We know that celebrities like to eat well and buy exclusive, so what better area than this? Try the ice cream Badiani that both appreciates Paul McCartney, test yourself in person in the old crafts as did the actor Daniel Day Lewis or choose flavors that will excite both Elton John and Bruce Springsteen.

One shopping for all tastes and all budgets that will capture your imagination. If you can not help but run in the prestigious haute couture boutiques of the most famous streets, if you love going to markets in search of opportunity of the century, you will be provided with adequate information to markets more attractive by combining purchases with other offers the territory.

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