lunedì 19 settembre 2011

Boccaccesca: exhibition of products and pleasures of taste in Certaldo

Boccaccesca a day completely dedicated to the rediscovery of the flavors that marked the infancy of all of us: the delicious lunch on Sunday, handed down by generations of grandmothers to mothers tastes, scents and a variety of emotions that characterized the meal for the family represented the event of the week. And in crossing the streets of Certaldo Alto, the scents of the past will awaken, like Proust's madeleine, memories now believed lost, but also the return of family celebrations classic recipes, made with quality products found on the banks of the exhibitors. Three of the highlights of Boccaccesca will be dedicated to the theme of the Sunday lunch: The Cupboard of Boccaccesca, The Secret of the Chef and Chef Itinerant face, each from its own point of view, the Italian tradition, Rediscover, warmed over, enhancing it. The 2011 edition of Boccaccesca'll give you a more defined, with the four days (Saturday and Sunday 1-2 and 8 - 9 October) all dedicated to different themes and insights and innovations that will go to support the soul 'history' of event. All of the above accompanied by Boccaccesca rid of that, thanks to its success with its wide selection of new books on cookery, handicrafts and high quality of taste, can safely listed among the spearheads of the event. Continuing the theme of memory, this year Chichibio Award, reserved for students of hotel schools, will focus on the figure of Pellegrino Artusi. On the occasion of the centenary of the death of the man who introduced the science of cooking, the young chefs will also be there to celebrate the tenth year of the award: in short, an edition full of meaning that will engage kids in a fight to the last ingredient .

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