lunedì 14 marzo 2011

Picasso, Miró, Dalí: angry young man: the birth of modernity

The exhibition, which will be held first at the Kunstahalle in Bonn, is dedicated to the early work of Picasso, Mirò and Dalí, which played a decisive role in the beginning of modern art in Spain. The exhibition concentrates on Picasso’s pre-cubist period 1900 – 1905, whilst Juan Mirò’s works of 1915 – 1920 are presented along with Salvador Dali’s from 1920 – 1925, both artists painting in the period before the discovery of surrealism. Each artist will be represented by 25 – 30 masterpieces selected to show aspects of the three artists in their earliest periods, works that are rarely shown in mainstream catalogues and exhibitions.

Opening times: daily 9,00am-8,00 pm, Thurdays 9,00am-11,00pm
Last admission to the exhibition 1 hour before closing

0039 055 2645155

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