domenica 6 marzo 2011

Holiday country villa in the heart of Chianti: its wine

Not all the wine produced in Chianti is Chianti Classico. To be eligible for the  designation is not enough, in fact, the territory origin, but also the respect of all the rules established in its disciplinary law, which defines the conditions and requirements necessary for a wine to be the DOCG Chianti Classico.
In addition to the production, another key requirement is the basis ampelographic - they are the types of grapes that can contribute to creating a wine - which provides for a minimum of 80% Sangiovese, the traditional red grape of the area.
Along with Sangiovese, other red grapes can be present in a maximum of 20%: the local, as "Canaiolo" and  "Colorino", and "international", such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, recommended or authorized in the production area. Among the main sensory characteristics indicated in the specification we find the ruby color that can sometimes become, according to the source, deep and intense, the odor with floral notes of violets and iris combined with the typical character of red fruits and the taste is smooth, dry, fruity, with good tannins that are refined over time to a soft velvet. Other requirements are the minimum alcohol content of 12 degrees for the young wine and 12.5 degrees for the reserve, the minimum dry extract of 24 g / l 'total acidity of 4.5 g / l. Besides this, the specification requires major inputs: for instance, states that the yield of grapes per hectare can not exceed 75 pounds after 4 years after implantation and that the yield of grapes into wine can not be more than 70 %, or 52.5 hectoliters per hectare. It also establishes that the vinification, storage and bottling must take place exclusively within the production area and home use is permitted from 1 October following the harvest. For the Reserve there is a mandatory minimum age of 24 months, including at least three in bottle. Also with regard to the label, the specification that certain rules in addition to those already established by the specific rules in force. Firstly, the label must specify: "Chianti Classico" with the specification of "Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed" to highlight the vintage of the grapes. The name of the wine can identify with that company or brand, or it may be an invented name or indication of the vineyard of origin. In any case, can not be used outside the terms, fine, chosen, selected, superior, old and similar.

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