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Easter traditon: what's on in Firenze on Sunday April 24

As per the tradition of Florence celebrated every Easter Sunday,this year April 24, at 11 am the explosion of the cart in Piazza del Duomo.
This well-known Florentine ceremony dates back to distant times of the First Crusade, launched to liberate the Holy Sepulchre from the hands of the infidels.
It is thought that the ceremony has some connection with the worship of fire from the ancient pagan cultures, went to Christian. The historians have handed down that after the liberation of Jerusalem in the days of Holy Saturday, the Crusaders gathered in the Church of the Resurrection, and in devout prayer, delivered to all the holy fire as a symbol of purification. This ceremony dates back to the custom of distributing the Easter holy fire to the Florentine people.
With the passage of time the conduct of the party became increasingly divided when it was introduced for use to transport the holy fire with a cart, where, on a tripod, burning coal burning. We do not know when to replace the tripod, the fireworks were used for the "explosion of the cart," but this is considered to date from the late fourteenth century.
The official ceremony begins, a few hours before, in the Romanesque church of SS. Apostles, where the priest takes the three stones Pazzino and rub together to make sparks to light the Paschal candle. This in turn should make the candle glowing coals specially arranged in a "fire door". The coals are then delivered from the main city authorities, that the archbishop celebrated Mass on the high altar of Santa Maria del Fiore.
When people sing "Glory" the cardinal lights the fuse of a rocket hidden in the guise of a dove which, with a "flight" that crosses the cathedral and part of the square, begins at the outbreak of the "Chariot of the sacred fire "Brindellone or, as the Florentines renamed him in recent times.
If all goes smoothly, farmers can expect a year of good harvests, and if something gets stuck inside the carriage is hidden a firefighter who will, with just one match, to kick off the first firecracker.
at 08:45 - A representation of the historical procession will start from the palace of the Guelph to reach Piazza della Signoria.
0re 08:55 - Piazza della Signoria, the municipal authorities, the Banner will join the procession to reach the historic Church of SS. Apostles.
09:00 am - the "Chariot of Fire," accompanied by a historical procession will start from the filing of Prato to Piazza del Duomo.
09:15 hours - A delegation of six flags will start from the Uffizi Palace of the Guelph to reach Piazza della Repubblica - display of flag bearers and musicians, reunited with the procession accompanying the "Chariot of Fire."
09:20 hours - (SS. Apostoli) of the Parade, with the fire door and the reliquary with the stones of the Holy Sepulchre reach the "Chariot of Fire" - Piazza del Duomo.
10:00 am - Arrival of the "Chariot of Fire."
10:45 am - draw for the combination of matches of the tournament St. John.
11:00 - Explosion of the Cart.

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