venerdì 10 agosto 2012

Goblet of Stars

 Goblets of Stars - Friday August 10 in Tavarnelle V.P.

in Tavarnelle - Piazza Matteotti

From 8.00 p.m - Proloco Association from Tavarnelle, together with the shops of the centre, artisans and farms of the area present their products.
Wine tasting combined with food products tasting.

Along the streets of the centre: crafts market, entertainments and music.

info:  055.8077832   -

at the Chianti Astronomic Observatory

From 7.00 p.m Tour of the observatory. Visit to the weather station and the seismic station with expert guides.

Proloco Association from San Donato organizes a wine tasting from local farms, with barbecue and  food products tasting.

From 10.00 p.m Observation of the sky with the new telescope of the Observatory.
Info : Tel. 055 8077832  -

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